Expert Business Book

Marketing and Publicity


At Nissen Public Relations we work with all nonfiction books and authors. But we’ve specialized in business books and authors for nearly 20 years. We’ve placed our authors with leading publications, blogs, podcasts, national broadcast, and industry-specific media that reaches your target audience. Some examples of placements can be seen here.


You want your book to sell well, of course. But many of our clients are looking to build their brand, develop or expand their platform, and acquire new business or speaking opportunities. As business book publicists we understand exactly what it takes to accomplish your goals using your book as the key promotional tool to deliver your expertise and knowledge to the media and beyond.


Every book is different and each author has different needs and goals. We work closely with you to identify and create the specific strategies that will have the impact and results that matter. There’s no such thing as just “hoping for the best” — we always change and adapt our plans to make sure our outreach is always on target and designed with maximizing your exposure to the right audiences.